Conversation: March 2009


Okay, I said that when Jake was 5 I would at least be open to any interest he has in joining a sports team or class.  A deal is a deal, no matter how much I dread morphing into the typical OC mom whose entire family life revolves around their kids’ sports team schedules…oh please Lord, give me the strength to spare my family from that overly kid-centric lifestyle! But I digress. Here’s how the conversation went today:

me (thumbing through the community class catalogue): Hey Jake, would you like to try one of these sports in here?

Jake: What do they have?

me: Well, there’s basketball.

Jake: No.

me: What about soccer?

Jake: No. Too much running. (I say a silent hallelujah!)

me: Well, there’s baseball.

Jake: Yeah! But I want to do air pitch. (he has heard about t-ball and is not interested.)

me: Well, they don’t start coach pitch until you’re a few years older.

Jake: Oh. No then. Hey Mom? Do they have bowling for 5 year olds?

At that moment I feel a rush of thankfulness for this boy who (at least for now) doesn’t care what anyone else is interested in…he likes bowling and that’s that. As we continued the conversation we find that his top sport choices are bowling, air pitch baseball, hockey and golf. This from a boy who told me last year that he wanted to play billiards as his sport. Oh dear. These next few years should be interesting for us! We decided that we could have our own little ‘try a sport’ nights around here. Greg has played almost every sport, so I think he’s capable of teaching them the basics. It seems like a win-win to me: free, both boys can participate (this is a huge plus), fun, mellow, and we parents get to be in on the experiences instead of paying someone else to introduce our kids to the basics of common sports. I’m excited about the idea. The boys wanted to know, will we start this tonight? Why yes, I think we will.

So last night we took the boys ice skating for their first time and they LOVED it. Strike that. They alternated between loving and hating it at the time, but today they say they loved it. I think after a few more times they’ll both get their feet under them and feel more confident. I can’t believe someone would pay someone else to have this first skating experience with their kids. I don’t think you could have paid ME to give that experience up to someone else! If we can discipline ourselves to have a sports night regularly, this could be really fun. I’ll try to keep you posted about this.

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One thought on “Conversation: March 2009

  1. Great idea!! I too refuse to me THAT mom, or have THOSE kids. My young cousins did competition cheer and Oh Lord, it was enough for me. They started wanting Starbucks & cell phones at age 9. NO THANK YOU. And they were snooty as all get out. And the way they made them dress & do their makeup & hair, it was not good.

    Maddison is 7.5 and she’s never been in anything. We’re thinking about piano, but would like to alternate, and get her into some sort of sport just for the social benefits, exercise & discipline.

    THanks for sharing!

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