Suburban Family Evening


I wonder sometimes what families do for fun when they live in the middle of the country or if they live in the heart of a city. I’d love to spend a few months living in every different setting…I think that’s why I enjoy reading blogs so much. I can satisfy my curiosity about the everyday lives of so many of you in different places. And in case you’re curious, here’s one way to spend a suburban family evening…eat an early dinner and throw the bikes into the trunk. Drive to our favorite “lake” which was perfectly engineered in the city plan to have a walking path all the way around it and is not too big for the boys to complete the loop (what can I say, it’s not REALLY a lake…man made lakes are a much more appropriate size for us!) You can see that a few other people have the same idea for an after dinner jaunt. We pet dogs and make small talk and try to make sure the boys don’t ride into the water. Try to feed the ducks but they’ve already eaten their fill from all the other families who’ve had the same idea today. And that building across the lake? It houses a Starbucks. The perfect spot to end our evening before heading home to put the boys to bed and watch American Idol. Yes, Starbucks and Idol: we are still that kind of OC family.



6 thoughts on “Suburban Family Evening

  1. there is a book called “hungry planet” it is a small glimpse into the lives of different families in different parts of the world and what they eat. I found it fascinating! We are all so different…but we all eat :o)


  2. This kind of looks like where I used to live in Irvine back in the 80’s. I too live in the suburbs but in Reno. We like to go to our “lake” to take walks. It was once a construction pit….They have fixed it pretty nice.

  3. i love coffee. and i love a nice after-dinner walk. especially when it is not snowing or raining out . . . which we’ve had both of all week. i’m looking forward to real spring-time! looks like a lovely evening.

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