Boys and Beasts



There is some kind of a natural connection between my boys and all kinds of beasts. They don’t want to touch them, but they are enthralled by bugs (although they’re at the same time terrified of them and call most of them ‘bees’), lizards (like the 5 inch one we found in our house yesterday!), and polliwogs (like the four little souls we brought home from the expedition in the pictures.) The polliwogs passed on before we could get their new water home dechlorinated. I felt bad about that one, as I do teach them to respect and care for nature. We read up on how to keep polliwogs, but I guess our little guys just couldn’t wait 24 hours to get out of their pond water. Let’s hope the boys enjoy ALL kinds of creatures because I have a hunch we might be welcoming some kittens to our family in the next month…our sweet EllieMittens that we adopted (whom the vets told us was fixed but I’m pretty sure was in heat a month ago) is growing a little fat these days. Now that would be exciting. 

Speaking of excitement, I bought some Photoshop actions the other day when I was in need of a little retail therapy (I don’t succumb to it often) and I’m experimenting with them on these camping pictures from last weekend. Fun, huh? I was thrilled to find a patch of California poppies (our state flower) during the short blooming season to photograph. Lucky me!



5 thoughts on “Boys and Beasts

  1. I love the poppies too! We go to the Poppy Festival every year at this time- it is in Lancaster which happens to be where my husband is headed for soccer so Irelyn and I go along for the Festival. I love your posts about going down to the meadow…we need to make it over there. It sounds fabulous!

  2. We are dreaming of the delights of a litter of warm wiggly kittens. A and J want to know if we can have one. I don’t think UPS delivers.

    • Too funny! The first thing I thought when this suspicion began was, “I bet A. would love to have one of these kittens…” We’ll see!

  3. the pictures are very nice. I am not into photoshop yet, so my husband is glad…

    We have been pretty sucessful at raising polliwogs and the key is to make sure their water is highly oxygenated. We use a fish tank and have an extra devise that adds oxygen when they are looking sluggish.

    Good luck with the kitten thing. Fun for the kids to watch!

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