Spring Produce Love.


I really should be taking advantage of this little moment of freedom to tidy up the house for the weekend, but I just feel such an urge to tell you about my love for fresh, local, seasonal produce. I can’t tell you how much I prefer buying from people I see every week, and the produce tastes SO MUCH BETTER! Even Greg (not a produce connoisseur) will make disparaging comments when we’re forced to eat produce from the grocery store. He can tell…it just doesn’t taste the same. I know it sounds like propaganda, but food that is bred for flavor instead of shelf life and sturdy travel just tastes like real food. I’m becoming a produce snob, I know, but when I see melon as a choice of side dish on a kid’s menu, I find myself telling the boys, “don’t pick that…it’s not in season so it’s not going to taste very good.” What have I become?! Oh dear.

Here’s what we brought home from our weekly trip today…the usual carrots, the biggest beautiful beets I’ve seen in a while, and the weekly supply of ruby grapefruit for Jake, our resident grapefruit lover. We have the best “avocado man” who will pick out your avocados based on what day you tell him you want to use it. They’re available year round (different varieties) and this week I went cheap and bought the $4 bag of 5 avocados…they look like they’ll be ripe in about 8 or 9 days. We often buy a bag of oranges from the avocado man, too, to juice on the weekends. I usually buy some onions and tomatoes and a few potatoes, too, but we needed to buy some honey today from our “honey man.” He sells buckwheat honey from his bees and lives 20 minutes away. It’s good honey, and we’re supporting Mr. Noah and his bees. We’ve become friends with our strawberry guys, too, and these days we’re buying 6 baskets a week from them and that only lasts us until about Wednesday. Oh, how we love strawberries.

And I’m looking for advice…turnips showed up at the farmer’s market today and I bought one bunch. We tried them when they came in our CSA basket last year and we all liked them steamed with butter and lemon. Anyone have a favorite turnip recipe to share?

Melanie’s been making me this weekly vegetable quiche (shown before she’s added the eggs and baked it) which I like to eat for breakfast and lunch as long as it lasts, which isn’t very long. I’ll share the recipe once she teaches me.

Oh, I’m hungry just typing this. I love food!



4 thoughts on “Spring Produce Love.

  1. I made a quiche this week…but that one looks much yummier-I can’t wait to see the recipe. I don’t have any turnip recipes besides putting them in soups. I’m totally smitten with the produce you brought home. I cannot wait for really fresh produce to show up at our market.

  2. I have become a produce snob too! We lived in San Francisco and their were great farmer’s markets there. Now that we live in Nevada, I really miss a year’round market but we do have a small summer market that gets me through! There is no greater pleasure than feeding the family delicious, fresh, organic produce.

  3. I really hope you look back at comments posted and read this! I just love reading you blog. Your boys are just too cute. Coming from a family of girls and girl grandchildren, its fun to see those little boys. The produce looks great. Here I have a short growing season. I will post pics of the garden, produce and canning this year. I really don’t know if your up to the adventure but alittle garden for the boys would be fun. It can start with a 4 X 4 area. If more adventurous check this website


    Anyway thanks for sharing your life with me.
    Oh, ps, could you make the comment input font larger? I can hardly see to type. Would help us old people, LOL, or just blind ones.

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