Sunday morning…visiting two new churches and finally finding one that I like.
Lunch out with friends and their new baby girl.
Sunday afternoon rest.
A quiet house.
Favorite worship songs recently downloaded from itunes (Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham, Matt Redman.)
Fresh brewed coffee with those special little extras.
Drinking from my new mug, purchased from my cousin Lisa’s pottery at this weekend’s arts and crafts show in the canyon.
Lighting a candle for dinner and singing Hosanna with our little family to celebrate the beginning of the passion week.
Wishing Sunday came every day.


8 thoughts on “Sabbath

  1. Yes the start of Holy Week. This holiday more than any other, fills me with such joy! I fully embrace the entire week of events in anticipation for the miraculous love that unfolds.
    It was nice to read your blog and find Holy Week there.

  2. If you find more turnip recipes you like, I hope you’ll share them. I’d like to try growing them this year. I am not a “veteran” gardener, but my garden gets a little bigger and a little better each year. We do not have farmer’s markets here for a few more weeks (I am in Springville, Utah), but I have been bitten by the garden bug for the same reasons you shop locally… it tastes better knowing it was grown for pleasure and taste, without chemicals or great amounts of fuel, grown not for profit or easy transport, but simply for the joy of food.

  3. Linn, I loved this post of the simple joys of rest. I think that God instituted the sabbath with full awareness that rest enables us to be receptive to joy. I hope you are having a blessed Holy Week, and I’m so glad to be on your blogroll!

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