All is Quiet.

Today, with the boys away at grandma’s for the day, the house is silent. I made homemade guacamole (just lime juice, a couple shots of tabasco, and avocado diced, not smashed.) I read from my current book (The Middle Place, by Kelly Corrigan…book reviews coming soon.) I listened to an old Delirious worship album while sewing a new camera bag for myself for spring/summer. I prepared our taxes. I had phone conversations with two good friends…one regarding our families’ church searches, the other regarding newborns. I was refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated. I almost drove out to the peruvian restaurant I love to get myself a treat of fried plantains, but meditated on the anguish Jesus must have been feeling at the last supper instead. I savored the silence. Oh, but I wasn’t lonely…I had a little friend resting there beside me as I was sewing. Have a wonderful Easter!



4 thoughts on “All is Quiet.

  1. It sounds like a lovely day. My in-laws arrive later today, so we will not be having quite in these parts. My kids gets to see their grandparents so infrequently that we will relish thses next few days…

  2. Between your Sabbath day and yesterday, you must feel really good! I am so happy for you. We have to really savor those kind of days when we can…I know I love my solitude days very much! Love your kitty picture too and yes, cats do make the most wonderful solitude companions and they always seem to know where the comfy quilts are!

  3. What a lovely day, and what a sweet friend to share it with! I’m glad you enjoyed the links I sent you–I had a hunch you might. I know what you mean about “if I lived a different life”… There are so many good paths that we might be on, but the good news is that we are each on our own path, and we can trust that the Way will open before us. I hope that these sacred days continue to be meaningful for you.

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