Fabulous (& Family Friendly) Las Vegas!


Some people say that Vegas is no place for children, but we just got back from our annual spring Vegas jaunt with the whole family and it was such fun. The key to Vegas with kids is to stay at a hotel with a great pool area, and to seek out the outdoor adventures in the area instead of staying on the strip all the time.  We basically spent each morning outdoors (hiking in Red Rock Canyon, visiting an old west town, floating in the lazy river), then came back to the hotel to relax in the afternoon in the room or at the pool, then spent the evenings on the strip. The Mirage’s Volcano is the best free attraction for kids, I think. The Treasure Island Pirate ship show used to be good for them but has recently been revamped and is a sexy siren show now. Very cheesy and classless. Bummer. We also took them to the Rio to see the Show in the Sky, but that has been sexed up since last year, too. Circus Circus has a few free shows, along with a huge (and loud and annoying, in my opinion) fair-like arcade area. My favorite Vegas attraction is the Waters of Bellagio, where the fountains dance to different classic songs. It is mesmerizing and we usually stay for at least an hour, watching 4 or 5 shows in a row. (In that case, our friend’s iphone kept the boys occupied in between each show.) The boys LOVE the buffets…anything you want, and in whatever amount, including unlimited desserts!!! Heaven. Our favorite day was a morning in Red Rock, an afternoon at the pool, an evening up in the Stratosphere tower, and a late night watching the fountains of Bellagio.

We love Las Vegas, and I didn’t even gamble once! Just wandering in and out of the gorgeous hotels feels like visiting one art museum after another. The weather was great, too…Spring is the perfect time to visit the desert. Greg and I were lucky enough to catch Cirque du Soleil’s “Beatles LOVE” show one night after a wonderful dinner out on the patio while watching the fountains dance to romantic tunes. We love Cirque du Soleil for its amazing music, costuming, and the ethereal quality of their shows. This one was quite different with a more musical-like feel and a historical story line, but we really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful week away for all of us. And what trip to Vegas is complete without not one but TWO Elvises? (or could it be Elvi?)











2 thoughts on “Fabulous (& Family Friendly) Las Vegas!

  1. Oh how I love Vegas. My parents took us there many times when I was younger. So when I went when I was “of age,” I had no desire for the adult activities. I still just wanted to peruse all the sights and sounds.

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