Yesterday my whole house was clean at the same time. I worked hard for a long time and it made a big difference. I felt like a new woman. Oh how I remember the days when our house was always this crumb-free and things could be found exactly where you left them. But would our house be a home without the stray cars here and there, the random artwork in the oddest places (taped to the outside of our glass shower door?), and the finding of bizarre objects in even more bizarre nooks and crannies? I think not. 

I hope to post some house photos over the next week. Today is the living/dining room and office (which I showed in detail a few months back.) I share these photos because there are some of you who haven’t seen our place in a while (or ever) and others of you who have never seen it clean. Here is proof.


…looking from the dining room back into the living room, with the office/art studio and front door beyond.



…looking from the office back to the living and dining rooms (with the kitchen and family room beyond.)



…closeup of the boys’ art studio area.



…closeup of the dining room. I drew and watercolored the paintings last year, inspired by some scrapbook paper I had at the time. The chandelier used to be the terrible bronze one put in by the builder so we spray painted it black with wrought iron paint. It made such a difference and cost only a few dollars.



…an old wood chair of my grandmother’s in a favorite corner of the living room with a favorite cheery pillow.



…and my other grandmother’s piano that I’ve played on since I was six. My prized possession. With an ancient metronome that reminds me of practicing and practicing and practicing (and whining about practicing) almost daily for more than a decade. It’s funny that in a house full of beautiful things, something that came to me for free could mean more than anything else.


9 thoughts on “Ahhh…Clean!

  1. Beautiful home!! I love it! It’s very beautiful, nicely decorated, serene, and ………..peaceful. 🙂

    I would LOVE for my house to be clean. All of it at the same time.

    Doesn’t seem like it will ever happen that it will be clean ALL at the same time.

  2. What a beautiful house!!!!! I have never seen it, so thank you for posting these photos and opening your home. When I saw the front room, I thought what a lovely little creative cottage! Really, it is inspirational and you are lucky to inhabit a warm inviting space! Enjoy the warm within its walls that embrace your family.

  3. You have such a lovely serene home… so glad you posted because I’ve never seen pics before. I’m especially grooving on the archway into the art studio… and the calming paint colors!

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