The Best Scones in the World.


I was determined to have the best scones in the world on Mother’s Day, and these lemon blueberry scones are the best I’ve ever tasted. I don’t like a dry scone or any kind of scone that has to be taken with tea to make it palatable. These scones are really easy and I ate three and a half of them on Mother’s Day, if that’s any indication of how tasty they are.

A few years ago I made six batches of these beauties to take to MOPS one week, and as I was loading them and the kids and my stuff into the car, some stray dogs in the neighborhood jumped into my open trunk and devoured all but one of my plates of scones. That’s what I get for being so dang proud of my baking, I guess. I wasn’t receiving any kudos for my cooking that day, I can tell you that, and I had been looking forward to some good back-patting, as we sometimes are, in the midst of chaotic preschool parenting. Pride goes before the fall, they do say. But this weekend I kept my scones safely away from wandering canines, and I even bagged a few up for neighboring moms. By the way, the dough will turn out very crumbly, but that’s okay…just sort of pat it together to bake it, kind of like you pat a sandcastle together to keep it from falling apart. It will bake together and taste heavenly. Oh, I’m so tempted to make another batch today…



9 thoughts on “The Best Scones in the World.

  1. Did I miss the recipe?

    I usually have scones with clotted cream and tea for Mother’s Day, too, but this year we had the cloud pancakes I posted. I think I will save this idea for next year…or maybe my birthday.

    Love the story about the dogs. Bad doggies.

  2. I’ve printed out the recipe and it’s on my fridge ready to be baked up for the next staff breakfast in a couple of weeks! Thanks so much. I’ll all swoony about scones lately.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the recipe. He also has a recipe for orange-glazed blueberry too. Will be hard to pick which one to make because I love lemon orange zest in my baked goods and on veggies. My daughter bought me a Williams-Sonoma scone pan for my birthday last December and I still haven’t used it….guess it’s time, thanks to you! Have a lovely day, Linn.

  4. I stumbled across your blog looking for a delicious scone recipe. It grabbed me right away…your words, photography, philosophy. Can’t wait to make this recipe as well as dig into some of your other posts. Warmly, Annemarie in Wisconsin

  5. Stumbled across your blog from another – will definitely be making these for the family this morning – and browsing your beautiful blog, too!
    Thanks for sharing.

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