Beach Discovery Days.


Returning…to a place the boys are learning to love and one of my favorite places in the world…


Climbing…over the tidepools and saving a few out of towners from being stranded by the incoming tide…


Remembering…the thrill of chasing the waves and cold water on your toes…


Digging…just for the fun of it…


Finding…a nest of these little eggs under the sand (grunion eggs, we learned when we researched it back at home)…


Building…a village of wigwams with an ampitheater and “the great wigwam wall” around it…


Cheering…the return of the sunshine on the water.

Now we’re resting…and nursing ever so slight sunburns from our first summery-weathered beach trip of the year.


5 thoughts on “Beach Discovery Days.

  1. The beach is my favorite. It’s only 50ish here today but yesterday it was warm and I was gardening while wearing fresh sunscreen and I almost picked up and headed to the beach.

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