Six Week Quilt Along


Guess what? I am joining a quilting bee! Well, not quite an actual quilting bee but a virtual quilting bee. Dana at Old Red Barn Co. does some amazing quilt giveaways (yes, she gives away quilts!) and is hosting a six week quilt along. This week we gather our supplies, next week we cut, the following week we piece the squares, etc… It looks like even a beginning quilter could follow along with her tutorials if they’d like. So if you’re at all interested in quilting you might want to pop over and check it out. I’m glad to have something fun to be involved in right now. And FYI, I’m taking the boys on their first cross-country plane trip this week to visit their cousins in North Carolina this week! I’ll check back in after Memorial Day and let you know how the quilting bee is going. Happy Memorial Day!


4 thoughts on “Six Week Quilt Along

  1. That sewing machine is the one I use – and I LOVE it! Have fun on the quilt along, I can’t play. If they were having a pack up and move along, maybe.

    Have fun on the plane trip. I hope you get to see a rainbow from the window!

  2. hmn…tempting. my machine and i are not quite friendly, yet. i am still learning…slowly, but surely. much luck! hope you and the boys had a great trip!

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