A Time to Sew…


Remember way back when I told you the whole house was clean at the same time? Well, it’s certainly not that way today. (Am I the only one whose home takes a month to recover from a little weekend trip?) But I thought I’d share some more pictures of my bedroom/sewing room, which is one of my favorite respites from a very loud life. I especially love my new ‘library’ that you see above. For days after these shelves arrived, I spent all my free time admiring them and feeling like I was living in my own little book store. But that’s not where I’ll be spending most of my free time this week…


When we bought our house, this room was a bare white box. Why anyone needs a bedroom this big is beyond me, so we set to work creating a partition to separate our sleeping area from my new sewing area. Just a month or so ago I finally recovered my headboard to match our new blue paint and white trim. The fabrics are cut from a duvet cover from Ikea…talk about getting a deal on fabric! Now this room is complete and so soothing. I love it here. And I feel so clever when I go into the sewing “room” I created on the back side of the partition…


Isn’t this great? I know it’s small, but it’s the perfect spot to hide all of my sewing “junk” and store all the fabric that I love but don’t have specific plans for. But this week, I do have plans…big ones. Involving this:


These are the fabrics I’m using on the six week Sew-a-long I told you about. I’m planning on making a king sized quilt (yikes!) to use on our bed in the summer months. But first, I’m playing with these:


I couldn’t wait until daylight to take a better picture for you, but aren’t these fabrics lovely? I’m using them to make a little quilt for a certain baby girl who arrived this week…and to her dear stylish mommy, if you’ve escaped nursing and loving on your new little bundle of joy long enought to take a peek in here, I guess you can consider this a sneak preview. I didn’t have any fabrics chic enough for you in my stash so I just had to go fabric shopping for you today. I do hope you love the colors as much as I do.

There’s always a risk when sewing as a gift, isn’t there? Perhaps that’s why I rarely give away anything as precious as a quilt…yes, that’s a good excuse. But if this little exception turns out as cute as I think it will, I’ll be sure to show it to you completed soon. My friends certainly do benefit from the fact that there are only so many sewing projects you can make for boys! I hope the little ladies in my life enjoy satisfying my longing for girly material! I hope your week (and mine, too!) is peaceful and productive.


6 thoughts on “A Time to Sew…

  1. I loved catching up on your blog after my month in SD – your home looks so peaceful and much more organized than mine!

    Can I ask what fabric lines you’re using for the quilts and your camera bags? I tend to collect fabric more than actually doing anything with it…

  2. Your rooms are so pretty…they look fresh and clean. What a great idea to partition your room….your sewing room is cozy looking. And I adore the fabrics you are working with, Linn.

  3. Great idea for using only the space you need for sleeping and reinventing the extra square footage to be useful in another way! May I ask what color you used on the bedroom walls? I love that peaceful shade of blue. Blessings!

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