Beautiful Baby (and Blanket)




Just in time for the birth of a beautiful baby girl, I finished the baby quilt I told you about last week…and accidentally made two more quilt tops! I was using a pattern from a book and figured the top would be too big so I’d just have two baby quilts on hand. Turns out that I had enough to make one baby quilt and two throw quilts…one for me and one for my sister. (I did cut up the fabric that was supposed to be the backing to expand the quilts. Had to buy more backing but that wasn’t a problem because my favorite quilt shop was having a huge sale. That’s the good news. The bad news is the sale was their closing sale…they’re going out of business…so bummed!)

I couldn’t stop myself from adding ruffles to my baby quilt. After all, I have two boys here and no ruffles to be seen. I don’t really know how to do ruffles but I improvised and it turned out quite cute, I think. But not as cute as the baby who will cuddle with it…






8 thoughts on “Beautiful Baby (and Blanket)

  1. that quilt is very pretty! i’m making a little quilt for a new little nephew!

    i was just catching up on your blog. i LOVE the song you were singing! and i am so happy that you are finding a new church home. yes, praise the Lord!

  2. oh, those little feet. What beautiful pictures..I love your quilts and the fabric is so YUMMY!! Sorry to hear about your quilt shop closing..Shops and restaurants are closing all over the place here 😦

  3. Yeah, Baby! Yeah, new quilt!

    Boo, quilt shop closing. Can you email me which one it was; I’m quite familiar with many California quilt shops having worked at one once, a million years ago.

  4. What a gorgeous baby blanket!!! Those photos are amazing too. They do such neat things with baby photos now. I wish I had taken even more photos of my babies. Those days go by just so fast and are so precious!

  5. Your baby pictures are so darling! Congratulations to you all on your beautiful baby girl!
    I am also glad to hear that you have found a new church. We are leaving our church, that we love, when we move in a few weeks. I hope our search for a new church home has a happy ending like yours!

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