Beach Nights Have Begun!


Our summer tradition lives on…weekly beach nights have begun! This year we kicked off with my grandmother’s 96th birthday party on the sand. Food, folks, and fun…


This boy has sure adjusted to the surf and sand that he used to hate so much.


I just love that picture.


This boy, on the other hand, has loved the beach from day one. There’s nothing like a little sand in the ears (and hair and face and nose) to let you know you’re really at the beach.


He will con anyone he can into taking him into the water…even in the cooling after-dinner air. Uncle Rob’s always a sucker.


The birthday girl…Jake gave her a card made from a whole posterboard…”She gets a really big card because she’s really old,” he told us.

hilts boys

The three “boys” then (1960)…


…And now. (I wish for purposes of comparison that my dad were standing in the middle like he was in the old photo! I can totally see his same smile [in the middle on the first photo, on the left in the second photo] almost 50 years ago.)


Beautiful touches like flowers and new recipes make beach dinner seem extra special. I love my mom’s new food cover!



Summer, here we come!


17 thoughts on “Beach Nights Have Begun!

  1. I am not always a sucker… Only once in a while. Seriously, who can resist that face?!?!? And, I am sure there is at least one time where I have not given in… Not sure when that time was, but I am sure it is out there somewhere.

    Great pictures!

  2. Your family party looks a little like a photo shoot for Martha Stewart Living, except everything is REAL. What fun it was to just look – I’m sure being there was the real fun, of course. Ah, summer!

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