L.A. Touristing

I’m just too tired to write much today. Sickness, lack of sleep, messes…these are not the things that make up an interesting blog post. We all have those in our own lives and don’t need to read about it in other people’s! So I will share some photos from a recent tourist day in nearby L.A.. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “L.A. Touristing

  1. I seem to be living in the same conditions as you. Add to sickness, lack of sleep and messes the word chaos of getting ready to move, and you will get the picture. Take it easy, give yourself time and space to heal and rest. Drink lots of fluids. Be thankful you’re not moving to another country (even tho I am coming home! Yay!) You are being prayed over.

    • I had fun playing with these photos in photoshop using some actions I bought at totallyradactions.com. There are a million combinations to give you the look you want! (but you have to have the full version of photoshop and they are expensive.)

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