Quadruple Layer Chocolate Toffee Cake.


I’m almost embarassed to post this recipe because it’s just so easy and I’m sure everyone in the world has thought of it. I actually adapted it from a recipe in an old dessert cookbook that Greg and I used to bake with every Thursday night when we were dating. But it is such a big hit with anyone who tastes it, and it’s so simple, that I thought I should pass it along to you.

1 package devil’s food cake prepared in two round cake pans.

1 container heavy whipping cream (not the tiniest container, the next one up…I know, I’m not very specific, am I! Good thing I’m not a professional recipe writer.)

3 T brown sugar

1 bag toffee chips and 1 bag miniature chocolate chips, or about 10 Skor bars, crushed.

After the cakes have cooled, slice them in half lengthwise so you’ll have four thin cake layers. (I think the thinness of the layers is what makes this cake so moist.) Beat the whipping cream and the brown sugar together until stiff peaks form. Combine the toffee chips and about half the bag of miniature chocolate chips (estimate here…or if you’re using crushed Skor bars, skip this) Layer cake, whipped cream, toffee/chocolate, cake, whipped cream, toffee chocolate…ending with the toffee/chocolate mixture on top. This cake tastes best when it has a day to sit and get moister and moister. So yummy! So yummy in fact, that I made four of them in one week. (two for the beach birthday party, one for our friends who just had a baby, one for movie night at home with relatives.) I’ve even doubled the recipe to make an eight layer cake…talk about impressive! Just cut the rounded tops of the cakes off so the whole thing doesn’t topple over! Enjoy. We certainly did. 



6 thoughts on “Quadruple Layer Chocolate Toffee Cake.

  1. I found your blog today thru Ali Edwards post about the December Daily mini album. Like your blog. Your photos are great. I think this cake looks soooooooooooo yummy and I am grateful you posted the recipe! Cannot wait to try it!!! TFS!

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