Three Beach Week.


This week we’re immersed in our new church’s VBS (loving it!), our doses of penicillin (so thankful for it!), and Greg working late (can’t wait till that’s over!) so we haven’t made it to the beach at all, but last week we just couldn’t stay away. Although we’re still in our typical “June gloom” here (usually overcast all day or for most of the morning and warming in the afternoon) we couldn’t help hitting the beach three times. After all, it is officially summer now, right?

First we went for our summer Wednesday Night Beach Night and guess who joined us? Can you see our visitor not 20 yards offshore?


Who wouldn’t want to join our party with a view like this?


The next morning the boys were still sandy (yes, I let them sleep in their beds with sandy feet on beach nights…we get most of it off before heading home so it’s not too bad!) So since we were dropping Greg at work and had no plans, I took the boys to my favorite “morning” beach. The place I liked to go in college and when I first started teaching and was living in this cute little cottage near the beach…


So I took them down to the Wedge to watch the surfers…


…climb the jetty…


…and take in the typical Newport Beach sights…


But since that was only for an hour or so, we went back to Laguna on Friday for several hours and a picnic lunch. 


Cousins are such fun. So are beach days. And beach nights. And beach mornings. I’m so glad my boys are following in their mommy’s footsteps and becoming beach lovers.



5 thoughts on “Three Beach Week.

  1. Going to the beach in the morning is one of my favorite things. I was just thinking about how I want to head there tomorrow morning…my first of summer vacation!

  2. You are so blessed to live near the sea. Whenever I am lucky enough to escape to the Atlantic Ocean (I am from Ohio) I am totally enthralled. I just sit on the beach or go for walks and absorb myself with the wonder of God. Beautiful photos, Linn.

  3. Living in Chicago, it is the BIGGEST hassle to get to the beach. Quarters for parking (in which you have to pay a meter that will only allow you 2 hours max…and cost .25/15 minutes), extremely crowded beaches and dirty (disgusting!) bathrooms. It’s certainly not a relaxing stroll over to the water, unfortunately. I wish…

    I love your pictures. What kind of camera/photo shop do you use?

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