A Non-Beach Post.


Okay, okay. So three of my recent posts have been beach related. I’m sorry. I guess this is payback to all of you folks who have real seasons and post the most gorgeous autumn photos on your blogs in October when we’re still enduring summer around here. I can’t help it. I’m especially enthusiastic about the beach at the beginning of the summer. My mom accuses me of encouraging other people to covet our beach days, but little does she know I spend much of the year coveting your snow, bright green spring, open green fields…we all find something to covet, don’t we? And for those of you who can’t do the beach often, perhaps you’ll be encouraged to know that packing for the beach and recovering from the beach is quite a project. If I were any less of a beach lover, I don’t think I’d undertake it. Most of my neighbors go only a few times a year…alas, even typing that makes my heart ache. Can you imagine, only a few times a year??! How could they? All this coming from the wife of a man who hates sand but comes to the beach every week after work for the sake of his beach loving family. Well, we all have to make our sacrifices, don’t we?

But I said this post was not beach related, didn’t I? Oh yes. It’s about sewing. Remember the quilt-along? I’m still plugging away. My fabric is beautiful and the pattern is simple. It’s just that the quilt I’m making is king sized (for our bed) and takes a long time. Time that can also be spent baking four cakes and cleaning the house for a bridal shower and straightening the art studio again and browsing the new Stampin’ Up! catalog that just arrived. And, gosh darn it, I still have those two children who seem to want a wee bit of attention and I’ve just gotten into the most interesting book. Oh, time, if there were only more of you. But rest assured, I’m working on that quilt and she will be finished. Hopefully within a month, as my purpose was to make a lightweight quilt to replace our comforter for the summer. And, as REAL summer has just shown up this weekend (mid nineties with beautiful evenings) I’d better get sewing stat! EllieMittens is doing her part by always resting on whatever part of the quilt I have going on the ironing board. It’s nice to have company up there.



3 thoughts on “A Non-Beach Post.

  1. I love the fabrics you’ve chosen…

    We don’t get to a sandy beach much, but we get to the shore regularly. (Our beach is rocky.) My two love to throw rocks into the water and explore. Beach glass and crayfish claws are amazing reasures when you are three.

  2. I really, really, really love the fabrics you chose for the quiltalong…I would like to make that quilt (out of similar) prints…but I need to finish up some already-started projects first!

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