Nooks and Crannies.


Remember when my house was clean a while back? I have a few little photo odds and ends that I never shared with you. There are some spots in my house (like the ledge above the sink, shown above) that I don’t mind getting cluttered with our artistic endeavors. But mostly I like to clear away as much of the excess as I can. But there are always those few special mementos that I’ve saved and stashed here and there. Like this conch from Hawaii sitting on my bathroom sink…


…I love this organizer my mom gave me for Christmas one year (it’s from Pottery Barn Teen)…


…and if you didn’t already know, I’m a scrapbooker. Big time. And I recently converted all my pages into these cool albums according to Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories organization…


Now, this isn’t a nook or cranny, it’s the boys’ bedroom. I love the fabric flags I hung there, even if they do get knocked down quite often…


And in their closet they’ve created an airplane. Do you see the “Control Bord” and the sign letting you know that Jake is the “pilit”? The instrument posters are from Uncle Rob’s training manuals.


And if you’re a mom, you recognize the toy (and laundry) corner of the living room.


I’m thankful for a mom who lets me “borrow” indefinitely the little things I love from her house, like these dinosaur salt and pepper shakers. I don’t know why they tickle me so much, but they do.


Now I’m off to do some more sewing and shop for our dinner guests tonight. Hmmm…that reminds me, I’d better clean up the patio where we’ll be eating. Life is full of to-do lists, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Nooks and Crannies.

  1. I like your little corners at home!
    and yes, I know the not so beautiful corners with things to do as well…
    but great that you take the time to do a bit of sewing insetad of cleaning and trying to make everything perfect…because no one cares in the end…
    that’s what I have to remind myself always – I am learning to just let some things and live the good in the moment.

    Thanks for sharing your daily life.
    xxx itto

  2. oh how you inspire me! *love* the boys room…i am definitely going to ‘steal’ the ladder idea!

    and the stacy julian thing?! who’s that? and what organization library?! i’m SO intrigued!!! definitely googling that in a sec.

    my mother-in-law collects salt and pepper shakers; i bet she’d love those dinos.

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