Weekend Away.


We just returned from a little last minute weekend camping trip with our new church to Big Bear, California. Perfectly warm weather, afternoons on the lake, morning hikes, meadows, wildflowers, getting to know people, relaxing and reading…aaahhh. The boys are at just the right age to take camping. They don’t really help yet, but at least they no longer get in the way of the work of camping, and they also don’t freak out if they wake up in the tent in the middle of the night. But best of all, they are constantly reminding us how lucky we are with their excitement and joy at the smallest wonders of camping. The roasting of the marshmallows, the nature walks, feeling the lake ooze between their toes, sleeping in a sleeping bag, the changing colors of the campfire as it burns…it’s all met with wide eyes and laughter. We’re all looking forward to our weeklong trip to the Sequoias next month now.








3 thoughts on “Weekend Away.

  1. Hi Linn!
    We’re looking at your blog with your mother. It’s very nice having them with us again, and we will look at your blog again later. Right now we’re going to have dessert 🙂

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