Sewing Hard.


I’ve been bit by the sewing bug this week. The squares for the quilt-a-long are all finished, mostly because I decided to make the quilt for my grandma’s small bed instead of my king sized one. It turns out that the fabrics are just too bright for my serene bedroom, and my Tutu is a lover of all things brilliant. She will love the quilt for her bedroom and I’ll probably receive several letters afterwards to that effect. So I’m moving right along to my next project…


…a wall quilt using the Good Folks fabric I’ve had for a month or two now. They’ve been burning a hole in my pocket. Can you say that about fabric? I think so. I wanted to make a simple quilt like this one…


…but it ended up a little plain for me, so I made a few funky log cabins to throw into the mix. Someday I will finish it, along with two other quilts waiting to be finished (one’s been waiting for binding for 5 or 6 years, the other for quilting for a year and a half.) I’m not exactly the most efficient quilter. So to give me that instant gratification that I love, I made this little purse!


It’s reversible to show this cute gray fabric, too, with a contrasting pocket on the back.


I love a new little bag to perk up the summer! And while I’m sharing, let me show you the one and only dress I’ve ever made. What can I say? I have boys. I finally got a picture of my cute neice wearing her birthday dress. Let me say that I don’t see a future in dress sewing for me. But aren’t the fabrics cute? Not to mention the model.


I hope to find a bit of time to finish my two quilt tops this week, but you never know. I could decide to clean the house instead. Both tasks being equally productive, I think.


7 thoughts on “Sewing Hard.

  1. I spent a lot of time sewing this weekend…especially since the other option is studying and project proposing. I finished up a quilt as well as a few other small projects I had been chipping away on. I love all things brilliant as well!

  2. Delany looked so good in that summery dress of fabric you usually use for quilts and bags. Your choice of patterns,color and proportion were as Goldilocks said,….She had the look of a female who feels pretty and is glad to twirl around so everyone can enjoy the moment. On to the quilt photos. I don’t get how the patches came together as a plain cover. What happened to the more complicated squares shown in one of the shots? What to do? Could a large siloutte done with a simple embroidered line go on top. I could help by doing it by hand, but our sewing machines have those fancy abilities. Or do machines have functions,and we humans call ours “ability”. Ah,oh, back to the subject. I’ve a huge selection of images collected during my stenciling days. Sorry if you mention a problem in your blog I automatically find my solution machine begins to grind away. Love from your buttinski aunt Kris

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