Yer Treasure Be At the Pirate Party.


If ye be needin a dose of pirates today, this be the spot. Yestern did we frolick and cheer for the birth of two wee pirates at a bash on the beach. The mob toasted the lads with bouts of swordfighting…


…and a rousing hunt for buried treasure.


There be so much merriment that it wasn’t quite fittin the pirate temperament. The lads and lasses romped in the water like nobody’s business and roasted up some tasty vittles. Even a pirate can appreciate the chaos and perfection that combined to make this here bash a rousing success.






(photo notes: I’ve been enjoying Jessica’s rounded corners lately so I did some of my own. I’m using some photoshop actions from totallyradactions, along with digital scrapbooking brushes by Anna Aspnes and Katie Pertiet. The florals are from a kit I’ve had for a while called florals and flourishes but I don’t know who created it.)

4 thoughts on “Yer Treasure Be At the Pirate Party.

  1. How FUN!!! LOoks delightful. I love the photoshop actions…need to look into those.

    Also – do you remember what book you found that adorable baby quilt pattern in? My sister is having another baby in Feb and I’m finally feeling inspired again to sew!

    Love all these beach photos…ahhhh.

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