Cards for Heroes.


Today I want to pass along to you an opportunity I just came across on Karen Russell’s beautiful photography blog. Greg and I are one of those super-patriotic couples…I listen to John Philip Souza marches all day on the Fourth of July and stand up and cheer for the Marine Corps Band at the Rose Parade. Greg’s favorite present ever received was the flag that our neighbor gave us upon his return home from his second tour in Iraq, thanking us for watching out for his wife who was home alone. Ever since I started joining card swaps years ago, I’ve wanted to donate some cards to the troops, but have never gotten excited enough about it to actually do the research to figure out where to send the cards. I know, I’m so lazy while our troops live and work in dangerous places far away from home to preserve my freedom. Well, I am finally going to do it, after all these years!

If you’re interested in joining me by sending some of your homemade cards to our troops for them to send home to their loved ones, pack them up and send them to:

c/o Brianne Nevill
1380-A Myers Pl
Fort Sill, OK 73503

Their goal is to send 1000 cards to our troops overseas. I’m happy to finally do some small thing to send some love over there. Won’t you join me?


One thought on “Cards for Heroes.

  1. Thank you for sharing your CSA experiences with me on my blog – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who will probably choose to switch to farmer’s market when my share expires, although I’m glad I’ve tried it. And thank you for sharing this card info! A great project for us crafty folk. And, beautiful wedding photos!

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