Sequoia Part One: the boys.


Camping for a week in Sequoia National Park…all I can say is that the boys did not want to come home. On our last morning when Tyler poked his little head out of the tent door and saw us packing, he immediately asked when we are going camping again. I think these boys would live in the woods if they could. Wouldn’t we all? Can you imagine a treehouse among the pines or a little dugout home hidden under a hill? Days romping in the creek and nights cooking over the campfire, the smell of smoke never quite leaving your hair. It makes me smile just thinking about it. And when it comes to spending time in nature, these boys are definitely their mother’s children. They would move out here in an instant…except for the bears…Tyler wasn’t a fan of the two bears we saw which came within 50 and 10 yards of us, respectively. But bears aside, the outdoors really is the place for little boys to grow bold and strong.


…stick races in the creek occupied much of our time.


…playing in the tent with the camping guys I made last year.


…rock jumping never gets boring.


…staying clean is highly overrated.


…evenings around the campfire.


…playing games together.


…if we lived next to a creek I’d never see my children.


…picking the perfect rocks out of a clear mountain stream…this is the life. More soon.


6 thoughts on “Sequoia Part One: the boys.

  1. We went there a million years ago – I think my 14 year old was probably 4 or 5 then. Such a beautiful place! But to spend a week camping? How glorious. Thanks for the great pictures.

  2. awesome! I so wanted to head there this year, but it is not happening. Maybe next. Love the pics, looks like the kids had so much fun!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time. Love the picture of T climbing at the base of that huge tree. Amazing. We’re dreaming of camping with no mosquitoes, ticks, humidity, or rain – Although the bears are a bit intimidating.

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