Finding Peace on a Worn-Out Day.

I’m simply tired out. How does your family recover from vacations? Ours seems to fizzle and flounder a few days after coming home…the boys are used to non-stop vacation action and attention (the same burn-out happens after a few days at grandma’s house!) and I just can’t keep up with the circus they expect. Luckily Jake filled his marble jar so a trip to Target gave him a little excitement boost. (When we catch the boys being kind, generous, helpful, loving, they get a marble or two for their jar. When it fills up they get $10 to spend at Target…it usually takes them 6-8 weeks to fill the jar.) But overall, I’m spent.

I’m sitting here focusing on the following things:

1. my joy should not be dependent on my circumstances (this is the topic of our current sermon series at church, based on the book of Philippians). When I focus on God, his love, his blessings, and the gifts in my life, it brings me back to the bigger picture. I forget about the mess and the whining and remember that our possessions are gifts as are our healthy children.

2. don’t look at the mess. When I’m worn out, I have to put my mind in a different place. I have a spot on the couch where I can look out the window into the backyard and see the trees and the sky and ignore the kitchen and the laundry. I can get away from this earth and unburden to God and breathe in his peace. When I need creative inspiration I can browse fabrics and crafts online or look through my art books. Either way, I need to block out the tasks that tire me and focus on renewal, spiritual or creative renewal, respectively.

3. i need to get away. Greg is on his way home and the boys are upstairs having rest time (we’re a little late today.) When Greg gets home we’ll have a simple dinner and then I’ll disappear…upstairs to the sewing room, out to coffee, away. Today I’m feeling a need to create so it will probably be upstairs with a cd playing in my little space. I’m so thankful for a willing and understanding husband. And I’m thankful that I’ve taken the time to make rest time a habit. And I’m thankful it’s almost 6:00. Phew.


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