Back to School Crafting.


I guess you can’t really call it back to school crafting…it’s really our first time to school around here. Jake starts kindergarten next week every day for three hours. I’m so thankful that our kindergarten is a half day kindergarten, as I know that so many across the country are now full day. I think that would be quite a stretch for our little boy…as it is, my mom warned me that after spending all morning “being good” at school, kindergarteners sometimes fall apart at home in the afternoons. I’m bracing myself.

For the past two years, I’ve made Jake a preschool bag…he picks out the fabrics and my mom and I make it into a little tote so that his bag is more personalized than the blue nylon sacks that most of the kids had. But now that he can bring a backpack to school, I went looking for a suitable backpack for him. Let me tell you, every backpack that is made in five-year-old size is designed to advertise for some t.v. show! I don’t think I am that picky, but they were all so loud and obnoxious or if they were plain, they were made for a twelve year old. There were some plainer backpacks for toddlers, but they were too small to even hold a sheet of paper. That just wouldn’t do. So I blazed ahead and although I’ve never sewn a zipper before, I messed around in the sewing room (with fabric of Jake’s choosing) and made him this homemade backpack. I was worried that he might be looked at as ‘the weird kid with the homemade backpack’, but my friend Angie who has good style assured me that it’s cute and not too folksy so I feel better now.

It only took a few scraps of courderoy and other fabric and about two hours of sewing time…time that I spent praying for Jake and his future in the world and in school this year as he carries this backpack. I love it, he loves it, and off he goes to school. Wow. Even as my little guys have been in the super ornery post vacation phase this week, I feel a little wistful that I won’t have my Jakey around every single morning. My consolation is that he’s headed to a tiny little public school (75 kids, K-6) in our nearby canyon, where everyone knows everyone and the kindergartners spend much of their time exploring the world around them…on the school’s farm, catching and raising pollywogs from the nearby creek, panning for gold in the playground sluice, watching chicks hatch in the classroom incubator…it’s the perfect environment for a curious little boy. But even though he’ll be having fun, learning, and growing, I’ll certainly miss him.


8 thoughts on “Back to School Crafting.

  1. Your pack is beautiful. I understand why your little guy loves it – and I bet it is really soft.

    I know what you mean about the advertising on the packs! I REFUSED to buy of those as well. I bought ours at LL Bean. They had toddler sized packs that were big enough for a standard size folder to fit in them. I hate those tiny ones that are so small that nothing fits.

  2. just catching up with you . . .
    i love the backpack! great job!
    and i love your cleaned out space – so refreshing!
    and in know what you mean about the un-peaceful day . . . read my most recent post. 🙂
    there is always peace to be found in Him, though, isn’t there?
    thank goodness!

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