Dreamy Birthday Celebration.


Today a few of my closest friends and family gathered together for a flower arranging lesson in celebration of my 33rd birthday tomorrow. Our floral hostess has the most beautiful home…you walk in the door and feel as if you’ve stepped into a magazine. She had some lovely breakfast treats for us, and we all toured her home and garden and made two flower arrangements to take home. After our beautiful morning at her home, we reconvened at my aunt’s house for an oh-so-gourmet lunch on a breezy deck overlooking the ocean. With all of our flower arrangements as a backdrop, of course. We toured my aunt’s succulent garden and finished the day with two different chocolate desserts. It was the kind of morning that left me feeling reenergized, creative, and properly celebrated. Thank you everyone! I feel so spoiled knowing that I get to celebrate all over again tomorrow!










…upon my return home, my dear husband thought it would be nice to purchase some flowers for me to practice my arranging skills on. Isn’t that sweet? So now I have several little arrangements cheering my house for my birthday tomorrow. How lovely.



8 thoughts on “Dreamy Birthday Celebration.

  1. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate! I LOVE making flower arrangements, but I usally do it alone. The idea of doing it with a bunch of friends is even better!

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