Time Flies.


When my boys were newborns and toddlers, I always thought that everything would slow down when the kids were finally old enough to go to school. Other moms were always telling me that it actually never slows down, as there are always more and more responsibilities, activities, and carpools as the kids get older, but I didn’t really believe them deep down. Yet here we are, a week and a half into our school days and I find the time flying. We’re learning to adjust to earlier mornings (we actually get dressed before 11 these days) and more driving. Tyler LOVES preschool. I mean, he’s MADE for preschool. Nevermind that he’s already had two “Ouch Reports” sent home informing me of an accident he had on the playground that required medical attention. Two Ouch Reports after only three days of school. Jake went to preschool for two years and never got ONE ouch report. But I’m not surprised. Tyler has done everything full speed ahead since the day he could walk. Or should I say strut, because he started strutting at the ripe old age of 10 months, when everyone who saw him agreed he’d become a football player. Above you’ll see him on his second day of school (because “we forgot to take our pictures today, Mom.”) The arms thrown overhead were spontaneous. Jake is protesting because “it’s not MY second day of school, Mom, it’s my eighth.” Yes, that’s a direct quote, and yes, I counted and he was right.

Two precious little boys who are oh so different, but they both love their little schools and still keep their mommy company in the afternoons. I couldn’t ask for more right now. I think it will be a great year. Busy, but great.


2 thoughts on “Time Flies.

  1. I love that picture! You can see how different their little personalities are. So good to hear they both like their schools. Similar to you, I was hanging on to the thought that things will slow down as the kiddos get a little older. I’m already finding that each step of the way there are new challenges but also new joys! I’m so glad you’re loving this new phase and enjoying your afternoons together all the more 🙂

  2. your little ones are so sweet!
    yes, they certainly do grow so quickly, i don’t think you really fully understand that when people say it to you. until it happens right before your very eyes. it amazes me too how different each child truly is! enjoy these sweet days with your little ones : )

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