Minimizing My Closet.

In my quest to cut down on the stuff that owns me, I often start with my closet. At least once a year I get the urge to purge and pass the clothes that no longer do it for me to someone else. This time I’m determined to really cut back. I think it will have to be a slow step-by-step process, but I’m inspired by those online who are attempting a 100 thing challenge…to own only 100 things that belong solely to them. Now as a crafter/artist/creative type, 100 owned items is just not possible. But if I could limit my wardrobe to only 100 items, wouldn’t that be something? I know some of you are much further along this path than I am, but if I had fewer clothes and loved them more, wouldn’t it save me time and energy in the mornings picking out what to wear? Do we really need a million different outfits or could we make do with twelve or fifteen outfits that really make us look great? I’m not quite sure yet how far I’m willing to take this. After all, I do live in the OC. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Anyway, I’ve begun the minimizing of the closet and have discovered three pairs of black leggings buried in a drawer (along with five or six leggings in other colors), a stash of gift cards that I think I got when I was teaching (over five years ago!), fourteen dollars and fifty-two cents, my junior high graduation dress, and a few bags of skittles and some old miniature cadbury caramel eggs in a purse I haven’t seen in quite some time. I’m not going to lie: I ate the chocolate eggs. It felt like a reward for a job well done…well started, I should say. And I’m left wondering, what does it say about me that I’m willing to pass along piles of perfectly usable clothing but am not able to part with three prairie dresses and blouses I wore each year when I was doing a pioneer simulation with my fifth grade classes during my teaching days? Perhaps it tells me that I’m a bit too obsessed with the times gone by. But wouldn’t those prairie mothers of the 1800’s approve of me passing along my clothes to someone else who might need them? I think they would.


3 thoughts on “Minimizing My Closet.

  1. Yes, keep the dress…

    But, I am also trying to get stuff out of my closet. If I haven’t worn it in a year it is either leaving or getting remade into something for one of my kids. My closet looks great – the mess has just moved into my sewing room. Guess I’d better go clean in there…

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