October has been quite a month. Although I have two more “Best Things In Life” posts ready to go, it just feels like time to put them aside and return to the regular blog writing I’ve been missing lately. The past several weeks have been full of pumpkin patching, a little traveling, a lot of paring down, some settling in to homeschool, a tiny bit of baseball playing, and generally reevaluating what’s important. So in a way it’s been both a crazy and a centering month. I knew that the first few weeks of homeschool would be hectic as we visit various classes to establish a schedule, so I’m eager to begin the settling in and a bit more of actually being home!

I love that we’re coming in to a time of year when everyone seems to hunker down, settle in, cozy up, and sip hot chocolate in front of the fire. Even though our temparature was in the mid eighties this week, there’s a feeling of anticipation for the upcoming holidays and the warm family moments they bring. I am eager. After a month of stepping back, now I’m leaning in to and looking forward to the coming weeks. It feels good.


3 thoughts on “Refreshed.

  1. welcome back, Linn.
    and thanks for the long thoughtful last posts.
    I printed them out and will read them now quietly with a cup of tea.
    blessed autumn to you!

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