The Creative Urge.


Yesterday I could not control my need to create. With our focus on other things lately, it’s been too long since I simply made something. So during rest time when I usually discipline myself to ignore the other pressing needs and focus on some quiet prayer time, I felt the creative urge take over. I had to sew. So I made this:



My sister and I had gone to the fabric shop a few weeks back, looking for some fabric to match a quilt she’s working on, and a large pile of fat quarters came home with us. They’ve been begging to be made into something pretty. It’s been so long since I made a bag that I sewed the handles in totally wrong but was too lazy to rip out the seam so I just covered it with some leftover lace, which I actually love! Sometimes the mistakes and their coverups are the best part of a piece of art, don’t you think? When I finished that bag, I felt myself being pulled back to the sewing room after the boys went to bed and I made this:


“What are they for?” you ask. They’re for my sanity. Oh, you meant what would I carry in them…well, that doesn’t really matter much to me. I’m sure they’ll find a purpose. I even managed to cut out the fabric for my cousin’s Christmas present and stitch a little bit on that. I’m hoping to do a few more homemade Christmas presents this year than I did last year. We shall see. What are you creating these days?



5 thoughts on “The Creative Urge.

  1. I was sorta creative last sunday too. I mixed up blue paint to cover up the last poor effort to make a subtly changing blue ceiling over our fancy wooden dinning table. Last time I had run out of paint and tried to cover, but it was really bad. Now I again intended to gradually fade the blue as it went toward the large window and the “related” blue of the swimming pool. At least it is evenly covered. Yet, now it’s so subtle one can’t really see the variation. However, I am calling it quits. I’m ready to move on and actually it looks good. Darn, it’s not exactually what I intended, but painting over head is so hard on the neck and one must be careful of drips in the eyes as well as the floor, table wood trim …. Ugh. Oh, right, I’m happy to be done.

  2. I really know these creative flashs…
    I am having one these days as well and really love soulemamas new book for inspiration.
    thanks for your mail about the homeschooling book. i will definietly buy it.
    sweet bags!
    xxx itto

  3. I totally get you with the sewing and the sanity. When people ask me how do I find the time to sew, I want to say how do I not? But instead I say, it is my therapy, or it keeps me sane.

    Those totes are so pretty. Do you know who the designers are for those fabrics?

    Also, I LOVE the snow on your blog? How did you do that? We have LOTS of snow here in the far NW suburbs of Chicago.

    Found your blog through Julie of JoysHope. Love it!

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