Weekend of Fun.


This was one of those charmed weekends…when everything just falls together and works out to be enjoyable for everyone. We had applesauce canning, cookie making, costume finishing, carnival going, maze exploring (in the coolest maze at a local church carnival…boxes taped together for preschoolers to crawl through with flashlights…filled the whole auditorium…the boys were in heaven), trick-or-treating, candy eating, party going and even ended the weekend with a family movie and some card stamping time for me. What could be better?

As for the boys’ costumes, they both wanted to be knights after visiting Medieval Times a few months ago and reading a lot of King Arthur since then. I used two women’s hoodies ($10 from Target) and covered the hood and arms with duct tape. They each chose a crest which I drew and they colored. I used two of my brown belts to make sword holders for them (plus a $5 sword for Jake from Target and an old foam sword from our toy bin for Tyler). Using some foam and electrical tape, we made lances for each of them, and we already had shields in our dress up box. I thought this was plenty but apparently you just can’t be a knight without a helmet they cried. You have chain mail I explained. But the tears would not fade until we made some papier mache helmets (with Nonna’s help, thank goodness) and covered them with duct tape, too. It doesn’t matter that they didn’t want to wear them on Halloween. They had too much gear to carry around with them anyway, but they’ve already gotten plenty of dress up opportunities with the extra stuff. They even won Most Creative Costume at Jake’s homeschool Halloween party on Friday. They were thrilled, as was I!

I hope your Halloween was full of family, fun and frights!





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