Baseball Begins.


There are very few activities that I’m willing to sacrifice our home time for…but baseball is now one of them.  Keeping our life pace sane is a top priority to me, so with that in mind the boys didn’t join Little League (too many practices and games) but we found a great little baseball class through the school district that is for ages 3-5 so they both can play. Every Thursday we meet up with their best friend and about eight other boys and a VERY patient “coach” and watch our boys run around acting silly. I’m so glad we can start their sporting life with such a light-hearted group where scads of kids from both teams chasing a ball is not frowned upon, and dogpiles of giggling children are common. None of the kids seem to know that if you’ve hit the ball, you shouldn’t be the one to chase it down. Or if there’s already someone on second base, you shouldn’t go there, too. In fact, three players on second base is not unusual. The most important thing is that the kids are running, giggling, chasing balls, rough-housing a bit, hitting, fielding, and having a ton of fun. I know sports will slowly become a bigger and bigger part of our lives, and I’m okay with that as the boys grow. But I’m very thankful today for our little baseball class where it’s okay to shout across the field about how cool the clouds look today or to simply walk off the field to cuddle with mom for a minute before heading back out. It’s very relaxed and fun and we’re all having a ball.


Warming up…the giggling has already begun. You can see them watching whatever antics Tyler has thought up (he’s usually the instigator of the silliness).


Tyler bats both lefty and righty…the coach asks him before each at bat which way he wants to bat. It cracks me up.


Jake has a true love for the game. His expression as he rounds second shows it!


This one reminds me how big my boys are getting. I love the late evening light.


Sometimes they forget which “team” they’re on. This time I think Tyler actually did run to third rather than chase the ball with Jake. Generally they like to be on whatever base their friends/brothers are on.


I know this will be one of the treasured pictures years down the road. And baseball begins.


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