Twenty-Nine Palms Girls’ Weekend.


Down this curving path lies a beautiful place to rejuvenate. Laughter, stories, crafting, eating, walking, drinking, relaxing and renewing with rich womenfolk. Rich in memories and wisdom, each of us with our own questions and our own stories, becoming ever richer in the sharing.


In this fading stone manor we find connections through time shared…


…wisdom shared…


…and new memories created together. Who could forget the banana cream pie stalker? And what other group of women would not hesitate to pick up owl pellets for later dissection? Memories like these plus a few twilight evenings of this…


…and a pecan encrusted french toast for breakfast. Heavenly.


A sunrise walk in our pajamas and bathrobes exploring the dunes in the cool early morning desert air…


…with plenty of time for laughter along the way.


Desert dwellers even find art in the weeds.


When generations of women take the time to join together, something beautiful happens.



The middle of nowhere became somewhere this weekend, if only because it hosted our 5th Annual Berg Girls’ Weekend 2009. We missed you Debby and Michele!



10 thoughts on “Twenty-Nine Palms Girls’ Weekend.

  1. Hi Linn! So nice to see your beautiful x-mas pictures. I did’nt get round to sending christmascards by post this year….. don’t know what happened to december… a busy time of the year at work, all the marking of christmas-test, grades to be set and not to forget the music teatcher is of course involved in all sorts of plays, concerts etc. both at work and in my local community. Both the kids are playing (piano, elbas, cornet and saxophone)and this year we had a really nice “Advent”-concert at the childrens school. It is really fun when we can all play together. This year Ina got be the “Lucia” at their schools christmas show, she was not supposed to sing the solo, she was a last minute “substitute”. And she was very happy about keeping it a secret from me 🙂 Grandpa Jo Terje was very proud to 🙂 Unfortunately I am not blessed with your skills with the camera, but I sendt some to your mum, maybe se can forward it to you. I have been trying to send this to you om facebook, but it did not go through. Can’t find your e-mail adress either so I’ll try here, perhaps you will recieve this before christmas. If you do, please forward to Amy – is she and her husband celebrating christmas at Hawai? Wow that is probably different from here. We are enjoying a white christmas and hopefully we will have a day or to skiing during the holiday 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year 🙂
    Love Trude

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