Holiday Values.

Today I’m thinking about what my goals and values and intentions are for Christmastime. What matters most to me? What do I want to do, focus on, teach my kids? I’m taking a free little class online at (a great place for digital scrapbooking and photography classes, by the way) and our first assignment is to write down our holiday values. I like the idea of living intentionally, so this fits right in with my mindset.

Woodard Family Christmas Values:

  • Anticipation. Building the excitement of waiting for the arrival of Jesus.
  • Togetherness. Spending as much time as we can as a family doing special activities together.
  • Educating. Weaving words into our activities that remind us all of the wonderful gift we were given on Christmas.
  • Home. The smells, the crafts, the lights, the gift making, the decorating, the focus is around home as the heart of our family.
  • Reaching out. Remembering Christ’s heart for the less fortunate, we want to give to him by giving to others.

I’ve always been a goal maker, a list maker, a priority maker. I find it easier to make decisions about commitments when I know where my priorities lie. These five Christmas Values fit nicely into inward (Anticipation, Togetherness and Home), outward (Reaching Out) and upward (Anticipation and Educating) values. I may be tweaking them as the days go by, but for now they seem to feel right. Today is the last day to sign up for this free Holidays In Hand class at, so head over there now if you’re interested in joining me. Now I’m off to enjoy some freshly baked bread…the house smells so yeasty good!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Values.

  1. I think your goals are wonderful! I am a goal setter and organizer as well. It makes life a little easier for me when I have goals set for the day or week! I can’t wait to see your outcome of this project!

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