Holiday Goals.

The second part of my “assignment” for the Holidays In Hand class I’m taking at is to turn my Holiday Values into concrete Holiday Goals. Does it mean that I’m a complete dork that I get excited just thinking about an excuse to write another list of goals in my life? Yes, I know it does.

Woodard Family Christmas Values & Goals:

  • Anticipation. Building the excitement of waiting for the arrival of Jesus.  We will light the advent wreath candles each night and sing a song anticipating Jesus’ birth (O Come O Come Emmanuel is the only one I know…any other suggestions?) Also, our daily advent calendar activities and verses will remind us each day of what we’re waiting for!
  • Togetherness. Spending as much time as we can as a family doing special activities together.  I will have all my Christmas chores done before Thanksgiving so that we can really spend our days enjoying the activities on our Advent Calendar instead of running here and there. I will light more fires in the fireplace (which keep us at home!)
  • Educating. Weaving words into our activities that remind us all of the wonderful gift we were given on Christmas. This one ties in with the first one…just reminding ourselves through our conversation and our activities what we are celebrating and why. I think weaving this into everyday instruction will be a nice side benefit with our choice to homeschool this year!
  • Home. The smells, the crafts, the lights, the gift making, the decorating, the focus is around home as the heart of our family. Our Advent Calendar activities keep us doing things together during December, but they also keep us home and crafting. We have new projects and activities each day. I want to get the boys more involved this year with the crafting and decorating (this involves me letting go of my perfectionism…I’m gearing up for it!)
  • Reaching out. Remembering Christ’s heart for the less fortunate, we want to give to him by giving to others. We have adopted a local family for whom we can shop and provide a Christmas meal, and we get to deliver it personally! I hope this will make the boys realize how fortunate we are. We also have two Christmas Boxes to fill for Operation Christmas Child, a great worldwide charity. I’m going to keep trying to instill in the boys a spirit of thankfulness for what we have been given. It is hard to do in our part of the world, but we keep trying.

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