Everyone needs a spot. A haven from the buzzing world. A getaway where legos and jelly and questions cannot enter. Even if she only gets to steal away for a few minutes here and there, she must have that spot. If a certain kitty claims that spot as her own, too, that’s okay…she can share with such a calm and quiet companion.

It doesn’t have to be neat and tidy because things are being made in this spot…things are happening, ever so slowly. Things that can be stitched together in minutes here and moments there. The spot is always waiting.

There are shelves of fabric: nicely folded brand new fat quarters, rumpled remains of my projects and hand me downs from others, thrifted fabrics, reproduction fabrics, fabrics that may never be anything but inspiration. Fabrics that are loved and can be made into things like this, which I will reveal tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Haven.

  1. yes, I know what you mean… i love my peaceful crafting spot as well.
    thanks for your inspiration on lists and homeschooling and so on. I am really excited to follow your unschooling-journey in all details!
    blessings xxx

  2. You couldn’t have phrased this better. I’ve thought exactly the same thing. My “spot” in the classroom is my teacher desk, but what is my spot in the home besides the kitchen. I have to get used to a quiet spot in my loft, I think.

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