Becky’s Backpack.

Here it is…Becky’s homemade backpack. My biggest handmade Christmas gift is complete. When cousin Becky saw Jake’s backpack in his first day of school photos, I’m not going to lie, she had to have one. Does it matter that she is thirty-one years old? I think not. Because really, if we could carry around a backpack like this, wouldn’t we? Each time I make a backpack (and yes, that is only twice now) I swear that I don’t know what I am doing and that I will never make another one. (that is a hint to say that it is very doubtful that I will ever create a tutorial for this!) But if I’m honest I can see many homemade backpacks in my future. One for me, perhaps? One for Tyler, for sure. But for now, cousin Becky will be the one enjoying her new stitched creation. At least she has a class of happy second graders to show it off to…after all, what’s a new backpack without an adoring audience? Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas (take your pick) to you, Becky!


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