Disney in December.

This has just been one of those weeks that flies by with nothing to show for itself. Actually, our homeschool schedule has been a bit thrown off, and for some reason I’ve found that decorating the house for Christmas seems to trump all other routines and chores. Which brings us to Friday. A mantel readied for the season, the piano topped with lights and greenery, our fake living room tree “decorated” by the boys (I use that term loosely) and a pan of fudge made and mostly eaten (should I be honest and tell you it’s mostly been eaten by me?) are all I’ve accomplished this week. Oh, and our first trip to Disneyland which is decked out for December. I think we’ll get good use out of our new Disneyland passes in the coming months. My crummy little point and shoot camera caught a few good moments:

I don’t know how daddy can miss out on the experience that is the teacups with these two joyful boys.

But both boys agreed that “the red rollercoaster” was their favorite ride of the day. Isn’t that first photo of Jake a great one (especially considering I was holding the camera above my head and snapping blind photos of he and Greg in the car behind us while the roller coaster was moving!)

Tyler was too short to go on the rides he wanted to. I almost cried. Aren’t I pathetic?

The little bumper cars in Flick’s Fun Fair are always a hit, and Tyler’s finally tall enough for those. You just can’t beat smashing into your family members while riding inside of a roly poly, can you?

And I pulled the camera out when I saw the way the sunlight was reflecting on the cobblestones and lighting up the halos of the people in front of us. For some reason this shot just does it for me, you know?


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