Trimming the Tree (& the Expectations).

I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit behind this year. I’ve mentioned that I like to have my presents bought/made and wrapped before Thanksgiving and I usually spend the day after Thanksgiving decorating so that by December first I can sit back and enjoy the results. But here it is, December 7th, and I still have fall decorations waiting in a pile on the couch, ready to go upstairs. Boxes of Christmas decorations sitting here and there, untouched. And although the boys’ gifts are wrapped and ready, I have lots of gift exchange gifts and random other presents yet to wrap and even a couple left to make.

But I’m letting go of expectations this time around. I’ve decided to forgo my wonderful banister decorations this year because I’m just not feeling in the mood to put them up. I think that it will help me enjoy and anticipate them even more next year. And my fake clearance discounted living room tree has received an interesting makeover. Jake decided that he should put all of the snowflake ornaments in one spot and make a “snowstorm”.

Of course, not wanting to be outdone, Tyler made a “heartstorm” as you can see here in my favorite grey flannel hearts. And, bafflingly, he also created a “pumpkinstorm” from the red and white striped balls below the heartstorm. Don’t ask me why he thinks they are pumpkins. I can’t help you there.

They had such fun putting all of the ornaments in groups, although I warned them that I would be moving them around later. Then I thought, why? Who really cares if the living room tree looks like it’s been decorated by a child?

It has been decorated by design-challenged boys. And I actually think it’s kind of cute. And it’s my house. And I’m going to leave it that way. And I’m not going to decorate my banister because I don’t feel like it and I’m going to put away the rest of these Christmas boxes and be happy with what we’ve done. (How’s that for a cyber-tantrum! I feel like I should shout, “So There!” at the end of all that.) But phew. What a release.

Today I plan to finish my last couple of handmade gifts (a little felt box for my neice & one or two more tote bags) and wrap them all up. Then I’ll eat another piece of fudge and sit down to enjoy it all.

Letting go of perfection can bring a whole lot of peace. (Of course, Nonna and Grand-Aunt Krissy coming over today to play with the boys while I finish up adds to the amount of peace around here, too!) I hope you’re finding a good balance for the season at your house, too. It sure feels go to let go.


3 thoughts on “Trimming the Tree (& the Expectations).

  1. sounds perfect. Life is not perfect and those small imperfections are what make it interesting. Our tree is decorated by kids too, 2 little and 2 big, it is a little old and a little new. Different is fun and interesting. Have a great Christmas!

  2. Can I just give you a big hurrah! I would much rather read a cyber “tantrum” from someone who is in touch with what she’s feeling and willing to go with that, than a martyr rant from someone who went ahead and did what her heart wasn’t in, and then resented it.

    How healthy! To stop and call it good! To let your kids enjoy their way of decoration without correction. Open hands that have let go are also ready to receive an unexpected blessing.

    Hear, hear!

  3. Thank you!!! I have yet to get a tree and put up any decorations and send out cards and the whole shebang and am feeling a little stressed…Thank you for reminding us to bring it back to the real reason of the season…We have a little one and a half year old boy and am wondering how the tree decorating will go but I think no matter how he decorates…it will just be left as is…for the world to see his decoration creation! Enjoy your Christmas!!

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