Joy to the World!

…the LORD is come! Let earth receive her king! Let every heart prepare Him room…I keep talking to the boys about what it means to prepare room in your heart for the king of kings. It’s pretty confusing for a three year old to think about, but I trust that every conversation brings them closer to a true understanding of Jesus. Perhaps the cutest part of this Advent season is hearing Tyler sing in his squeaky three year old voice, “Come thou long expected Jesus, born to set thy people free. From our fears and sins release us, let us find our rest in Thee.” At that point the words get a bit garbled but every now and then he’ll remember the line and sing it out LOUD! (“Joy of every longing heart!”) That has been one of my favorite memories of the season. On the same note, here is my favorite picture from Christmas morning. Me with one of my favorite presents (a library book from my mom) and my little boy who just has to hug and kiss me whenever he thinks of it. I am storing up these spontaneous kisses and cuddles for the future days when he’s too cool for me.

The boys opened an amazing box of sports stuff from a family friend, and this tennis racquet picture is my favorite of them on Christmas day. Did you notice their new pajama pants and home sewn t-shirt letters? I’m so glad I finished in time! They wore them all day. Speaking of all day, Jake could be found bent over his Star Wars Lego directions, building like this all day long.

…resulting in very cool Lego creations like this one.

But when he wasn’t Lego-ing, he was participating in the great Christmas dart gun battle.

Oh yes, it’s a serious annual event.

Involving running around the house, hiding behind couches and walls, and apparently diving on the floor. Why is there painter’s tape on the floor next to my dad? I do not know. We haven’t painted since last spring. This is one of those mysteries that arises in a house with small children.

I love this picture of Tyler too much to erase it. Despite the blurriness, it captures him  perfectly.

As does this one with his Nonna and the new hat and scarf that she knitted him.

And the whole family in a good picture within an hour of waking up. Now that’s a real Christmas miracle.


5 thoughts on “Joy to the World!

  1. we got nerf guns, too. that could be pictures of our family, too! those things are just too fun!
    love the pjs! i’m gonna have to get on the christmas pj making for next year. the matching sets are jus too cute.
    and how is it that you look so good on christmas morning? your hair’s not sticking up, the bags under your eyes aren’t showing, and you have rosy cheeks, even! not me. nope, definitely not me.

    • Ha! Well, my secret to hiding the bags under the eyes is to never get around to washing off my makeup from Christmas Eve! Procrastination saves the day!

  2. Just browsing your site & appreciating your inspiration and posts about simplicity. Thanks!

    P.S. I think Christmas 2009 was the year of the Nerf Gun. Our son received one, too. 😉

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