Two Little Words.

For two years now I have been inspired by Ali Edwards to choose “one little word” to guide my intentions and priorities in the coming year. As a christian, I pray and think about where God might be leading me in the coming year and how I can purposefully follow Him. I’ve always been a list maker, a priority maker, a schedule maker so this comes naturally to me. In the coming week I’ll be spending a lot of time in my journal noting how I can refocus my priorities in the coming year and where I find God leading me. It really is such fun for me. I know, I’m a dork. But that’s okay. I don’t mind.

In 2008, my word was LISTEN. During that year I hoped to practice listening to God and listening to loved ones more intentionally. And what do you know, when I showed up yearning to learn and grow, God showed up, too! God used that year powerfully in my life as a year of learning to listen to His voice and His calling on my life. And can you believe it, I had signed up a year previously for a women’s retreat with my favorite christian author, Keri Wyatt Kent. As it turns out, the weekend’s focus was a book of hers entitled Listen: finding God in the story of your life. Now if that’s not God’s hand moving I don’t know what is. God does use our good intentions, and He has definitely used my “one little word” challenge for His good in the past.

For 2009, my word was PEACE. I knew that this year would bring conflict. Well, any year of living with other people in an imperfect world brings conflict. But I knew that after a few years of working/praying/hoping for change at our old church we would know this year if we should stay or go, and that stress would abound. I wanted to focus on paring down life to the essentials and focusing on peace during conflict. Sure enough, things came to a head at church and we left in May. There was great comfort in knowing that God was our peace during the whole process. And of course, we ended up in a church home that we love as much or more! I also didn’t realize when I chose the word peace that I’d need it in our schooling decisions as we chose to bring Jake home this year. God knows what is coming and I think that learning to listen to Him and look for his peace helped prepare me for a bumpy year.

So 2010. I have a word that’s been simmering in my mind for a while. I’m about 98% sure it will be my word for 2010, but I’d still like to think and pray and focus and set goals before revealing it to the world. My goals for the last few days of 2009 are to get our home and our lives back into a post-holiday routine, and to spend some time thinking, praying, and journaling about my thoughts for 2010. Needless to say, the latter is a much more enticing goal than the former. I plan to post later this week with my word for 2010. Would you like to play along and pick a word? If you’d like to read Ali’s secular perspective on choosing one little word, click over and check it out.


3 thoughts on “Two Little Words.

  1. thank you for linking to this concept. i have just recently been introduced to this concept and it’s nice to see where it originated. i’ll be looking for that word you chose. i’m stewing over a few myself…

  2. hi! my computer has been broken. i can’t describe how stressful things have been for me and my family (kids sick & baby fractured his wrist). it is so refreshing to have my computer back simply for your words. i cannot wait to think and focus and pray about my word. what a wonderful concept. thank you! happy new year!!!

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