Happy New Year!

…from the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade! We’ve been going to this parade most years since I was little. Somehow each time the opportunity comes up I forget about all the hassle and remember the fun part of experiencing this beautiful parade firsthand. So ask me today and I’ll pass next time. But come December, I’ll be ready to go! Aren’t some of the best traditions like that?

I loved the reflection of the lamppost across the street in the old fashioned building behind it.

But this is my favorite shot of the morning. I have one just like it from when Jake went to his first Rose Parade two years ago.

Of course, the pre-parade crazies were out in full force. We especially enjoyed the Sombrero Santa sporting the 2010 balloons.

There were plenty of bands to pretend to play along with and gorgeous floats (I didn’t get a picture of my favorite, the one with the jellyfish…their tentacles were beautiful!)

And while I clearly remember Tyler looking like this for 1/3 of the parade, I’ve been assured that whine time passes more slowly than real time when a mother is listening, and that he really only fussed and drove me crazy for about ten or fifteen minutes.

As a matter of fact, I do remember some cuddle time and kisses now that I think of it. And although it involved the usual parade hassle, along with being awakened by an over-excited Jake at 4 a.m., I guess a morning with family and a few hundred thousand “friends” ringing in the new year isn’t a bad way to start 2010.


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