Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do you remember school holidays when you were a kid? I remember feeling like I needed to have the most perfect and fun-packed day possible, in order to fully enjoy my freedom from school. An unexpected benefit of homeschooling is that school holidays (at least for us) just sort of flow into our regular schedule without much fanfare. I like that we can learn a little bit about what we’re celebrating and have a lazy unstructured day to enjoy as a family. There’s no pressure to make the day anything more than it is…a gift of cozy time together with family, learning about the holiday and talking about why we celebrate it.

Today we’ve been blessed with a rainstorm. It’s something our part of the world desperately needs, something the boys and I really enjoy stomping around in, and something the newsfolks here will undoubtably dub “StormWatch 2010”. We will hunker down and light a fire in the fireplace and read about MLK. We’ll learn the tiniest bit about racism and heroes, something that, thankfully, will be strangely unfamiliar to the boys. We’ll savor the day together and think of how the compassion of Jesus can flow through people, if we let it. I’m headed into my archives to read the speech I posted last year at this time, to hopefully inspire myself towards compassion again. After all, isn’t that a great way to start a new year?


One thought on “Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. I never win anything. Next year you guys should come to MLK parade downtown. I caught some of it. There was an elementary school step class they were awesome.

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