Rain, we love you. We love to see the transformation of our hills from dry brown to lush green. We love to stomp in your puddles. We love the way you empty out Disneyland so that we locals can ride our favorite rides over and over again with no lines.

We love the feeling of returning inside to warm baths, fires in the fireplace, and hot chocolate after a romp outside.

We do not love the way you clog our roads (which are not built for heavy rains) and the way you make our house dark during the day (now I understand how pacific northwesterners feel) but we’ll accept the problems you bring since you don’t come around too often. Rain, we’re glad you’re here this week. It’s the perfect week for reorganizing the playroom and the boys’ art studio and hunkering down inside together.


9 thoughts on “Rain.

  1. i feel all cozy and warm now. your speak of rain is a bit like ours here in idaho about snow (although we have none now). when it comes for the first time, and the second, and sometimes even the third, i love to cozy up, enjoy it, and savor the homebound feeling. but then, as winter rolls on, you can only organize the playroom so many times…

  2. There is something magic about the way a puddle-soaked day can end in clean towels and warm cocoa….or the way a downpour outside can bring forth a storm of creative outpour inside. Beautiful images to match your words:)

  3. What an absolutely lovely way to honor the rain and the changes it brings. So pretty!

    And it’s funny – I’ve never been to Disneyland, but I’ve been to WDW four times, and you know what? It has rained EVERY SINGLE TIME. It is kind of nice the way the crowds clear out.

  4. I just found your little corner of the world yesterday and I am already inspired by your photos and writing. It is just what I need. I’m settling into a new home and trying to tame the chaos while taking care of my 20 month old son. Thank You!

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