5Photos: Week 4

I don’t know how you rainy region photographers do it. Low light and moisture just don’t do it for my photography…I only took 26 pictures last week! I’ve been delaying posting them because a) I didn’t take any landscapes or self portraits…it just didn’t happen…life getting in the way and all. and b) my photos just weren’t that great this week. There are very few which I’m somewhat happy with, three of which you’ve already seen. But as I’m trying to pick my five favorites each week, these will just have to do. I did get a chance to do some hybrid digital scrapbooking and I love the way the pages turned out. I want my 5Photos to reflect what I’m doing in my life each week, so here’s one of my weekly choices…

1/25 f/3.2 AV mode 50mm 1.4 lens ISO 250

I wish the glow of the fire was offset a bit to the left, for purpose of composition, but as our family room fireplace is not portable and Ellie cat settled right there on my legs, this is what I got. I do like the cozy feel of this rainy week photo.

1/60 f/1.4 50mm 1.4 lens AV mode ISO 640

Now this photo is far from photography excellence. But like I said, these are slices of our life, right? Jake and Aunt Krissy created this “Ladder Racing” game during their school time on Friday and it’s a big hit. Of course, Darth Vader worked his way into the mix, which makes it all the more fun when he’s wearing the “golden medal” for winning the last round. I think the medal suits him, don’t you?

1/15 f/2.2 AV mode 50mm 1.4 lens ISO 250

I love the abstract quality of the rain in the background on this one. I’m not happy with the yellow lighting on the flower, but it’s still one of the best of a slim week.

1/60 f/2.8 AV mode 50mm 1.4 lens ISO 400

And this one. I love the colors and the reflections in the rain puddles. I REALLY loved that day at Disneyland. Definitely something I want to remember from this week. Made even more surprising by the fact that I used my somewhat broken pocket camera on this one.

Shot with my Sony Cybershot pocket camera on normal mode.

I really wanted to cheat and use some photos from Sunday this week, but I restrained myself. I promise, this week’s photos will be better!


5 thoughts on “5Photos: Week 4

  1. I think each one of these are wonderful. You should not be so hard on yourself about the quality or composition. Each of these represent something you found wonderful or beautiful in your day-to-day, or a memory you want to keep.

    Ladder Racing would probably quickly disappear from memory if not for your photo.

    Relax and enjoy the process!

  2. Naturally I am most pleased that Ladder Racing made your posting. However, as the player who kept coming in second, I feel proud to have been big about it. I suggested a medal and we couldn’t find a scrap of gold paper in your office trash can. Not willing to compromise his vision, I suggested Jake use a colored marking pen on white paper to solve our desperate situation. Often people have commented, “Oh you are so patient to make….” Actually once the creative idea has sprung up, being stubborn,or persistent,in the face of obstacles is a more truthful evaluation. I tried to get Jake to use blue for 1st place. Nothing doing.

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