I wish I had videotaped Jake opening his Lego Star Wars ship, shouting, “I got what I wanted! I got what I wanted!” as he jumped all over the couch.

I wish my boys and I could just spend all of our time building legos, playing board games, and reading books together.

I wish that Tyler didn’t ever have to learn naughty words from unknown places.

I wish I understood what was happening on Lost and Heroes.

I wish I hadn’t decided to minimize/organize my thousands of children’s books from my teaching days on the week of our big super bowl party.

I wish I had a babysitter for a few hours today so I could clean up said books, among other things.

I wish I could somehow capture Tyler’s little boy voice and expressions forever.

What do you wish for today?


3 thoughts on “Wish.

  1. I love the “Wish” post – what a great idea.

    I wish I had an extra day to study for my communications test I had to take today.

    I wish my kids would willingly and happily take a bath, brush their teeth and go to bed.

    I wish my 2 year old would forget how to say NO to everything!

  2. A wish post is a lovely idea. Today I wish the sun will come out, I’ll have a break for a cup of coffee, and I’ll finish a project I’ve been working, working, working on.

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