Back from a long weekend in Las Vegas.

Oops. I never did get around to doing anything educational with Jake this morning.

Oops. We went to bed last night with all of our clothes from Las Vegas washed and folded, but left in stacks all over the family room floor.

Oops. There is stuff on every flat surface in our living area. Stresses me out.

Oops. Yelled at the boys this morning because we were late for preschool and the seatbelts weren’t being buckled fast enough and Tyler left his “boy share day” lego man’s helmet inside and his school bag was on the floor in the garage as we were pulling out.

Oops. Forgot one of my customer’s orders on my last stamping order and only discovered my mistake today when I opened the box to sort the orders.

Oops. Little League team mom forgot to put my email on the team list so I had to make two phone calls immediately today about urgent things. More stress.

Oops. Everything worked out but I was definitely not focusing on peace this morning. (understanding stamping customer, not late to school after all, Little League team lunch tickets are secured and the team banner will read “Jake” instead of “Jacob”, Jake doesn’t care if we don’t “do” school, we’ll get to the cleaning in a minute) An hour of reading some of Paul’s letters (1 & 2 Thessalonians, Titus, Philemon…) in the hall during Jake’s computer class reminded me of what’s important. But I’m not saying that the mess around here doesn’t stress me out. Ahhh…the day after vacation, you are not my friend.


3 thoughts on “Oops.

  1. opps forgot to upload pictures of las vegas.
    Just kidding
    oops misspelled opps
    learn to give my self grace when I mess up is something I’m learning. It is a hard lesson.

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