5Photos :: Week Seven.

Last week seemed to be a week of self portraits. Even the photos that aren’t of me are self portraits of sorts. Except for the ice cream. But I do love ice cream…with caramel and pecans…over fried plantains and bread pudding…but I digress. Although two of the self portraits are almost exact replicas, the treatments I’ve used create two totally different moods and I love them both. I know I’m five days behind on posting these, but here they are.

This last one is my first foray into combining exposures to create art in photoshop. Next week maybe I’ll have time to post the photo settings, but these will have to do for this week. My favorite is the first one…no, the rock…oh, I can’t choose. I guess that’s why there’s six this week.


5 thoughts on “5Photos :: Week Seven.

  1. Yes,I find that Amy said it first. Maybe the impression is more of an alternate you. No, that’s not it. Maybe not like a choice but more like turning a stone around in the sun to see the light reflects a bit differently from one angle. Checking this comment before hitting submit, I find the key word is “maybe”.

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