5photos :: Week Eight (and comments).

Week Eight…a good friend’s son’s first birthday. Took this one on an ugly sea foam green carpet in the living room. Just proves that the lighting is all that really matters, right?

And I love this one of the whole family.

Then we have a few Vegas shots. Here’s my landscape, with Tyler on the trail to the waterfall.

And a desert still life…

Fondue night with the family for valentine’s day…during which I somehow pulled off some tasty fondue without a fondue pot (I wouldn’t recommend it.)

And our favorite Las Vegas attraction…the waters of Bellagio.

This week I’m going to focus on purging some of the piles of goodwill donations around the house, making some good food with the tasty produce from Friday’s farmer’s market, experimenting with my new crock pot cook book, and fighting discouragement when it comes knocking. I’ll post some more “what i made today” this week, too. In the past few days I made some very girly beach pants for the boys (this is what happens when you only have boys and you’re a sewer), a tasty crock pot rice pudding for our second monthly cooking night, and I had a great afternoon with sister, who always manages to pull me out of a funk. Thanks Amy!


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